Submissions for this game jam are now closed.
Stay tuned to this website for future updates on the results of this jam and opportunities to jam with us in the future.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Step Up Your Sound Game Jam

Dolby and Playcrafting are seeking teams of talented developers with a passion for audio design and mobile games to participate in a paid, two-week Android mobile game jam. Teams will be selected to develop one-of-a-kind gaming experiences using Dolby Atmos® with Wwise. While teams should already have experience integrating Wwise into their workflows, Dolby will provide all selected teams with a pre-jam workshop/Q&A session, as well as guidance during the jam.

About Dolby Atmos

Freed from channels, individual sounds are precisely placed in the room and can move around you, including overhead and down low, immersing you in each story. Whether its intimate dialogue or a complex battle soundscape, every detail comes alive in rich clarity and depth so your players hear everything you build into your mix.

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Dolby Atmos puts players into the world you work to build. By bringing height and incomparable dynamic range into the mix, the mechanics of game audio fall away. Players get to live your experience with no compromises.
Building your mobile game’s audio landscape in Dolby Atmos is simple and straightforward using the Dolby Atmos for mobile plug-in.  The plug-in consists of a Dolby Atmos renderer plug-in for spatialized sounds (7.1.4) and a Dolby stereo renderer plug-in for passthrough sounds that are not spatialized. With Dolby Atmos for Mobile, gamers now get to experience a whole new dimension of audio.

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